ELLICSR: Health, Wellness and Cancer Survivorship Centre

ELLICSR is designed as a collaborative space for research into health, wellness and cancer survivorship. At ELLICSR, we strive to better understand the cancer and survivorship experience in order to improve it. We look for fresh new ideas and approaches to improve health and wellness during and after cancer treatment. We endeavour to close the gap between what we already know works and what survivors do day to day to improve their own health and wellness.

ELLICSR at a Glance

ELLICSR inspires people to think differently about how to improve the health and quality of life of cancer survivors.

Our comfortable and open space encourages unique collaborations of survivors with researchers, clinicians and community organizations to positively impact the quality and quantity of survivorship research conducted and survivorship care delivered.

Cancer survivors, including family members, friends and caregivers, can:

  • Find information on health and wellness
  • Participate in a class or program, designed through research with survivor input
  • Meet other survivors and share experiences, support each other and learn together

Researchers, clinicians and educators can:

  • Make new discoveries in survivorship, innovate clinical processes and investigate new models of care delivery
  • Positively impact the quality and quantity of survivorship research and care
  • Make major contributions to improving the health and quality of life of cancer survivors

ELLICSR was made possible by grants from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Ontario Research Fund along with the support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

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