Learning about Quickstart

27/08/2014  |  Inside The PMCF |  Posted by: Malinda DenBok

Last November, Radiation Medicine Program’s Breast Site Group received the Innovation Award Honourable Mention from the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario for “QuickStart.” I was excited to learn more about this program that was helping women, especially knowing that 1 out of 9 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.
Here at The Princess Margaret alone, 1100 women receive radiation treatment for breast cancer every year.
What is QuickStart?
QuickStart was created at The Princess Margaret to provide radiotherapy for early-stage breast cancer in one day.  Implemented in 2010, the QuickStart initiative brings together technological advances in software with clinical expertise to expedite scans, treatment planning and rapid delivery of the first radiation treatment.
The QuickStart program offers breast cancer patients the same quality and effective radiation treatment without the unnecessary waits.  QuickStart patients are treated within 24 hours after they come in for their initial CT planning scan. During the initial evaluation of this program, patients experienced on average 11 fewer days of waiting compared to those patients treated through the standard process. Patients also commented that the QuickStart process reduced their anxiety.  You can see why they got their honourable mention!
What are the benefits?
·         Less travel time for the patients
·         Less anticipation before the first treatment for the patient
·         Less time off work for a patient
Currently, the QuickStart Program is being expanded with the goal of becoming a standard of care for patients with early-stage breast cancer at The Princess Margaret. This model will be available for any breast cancer site to use in Canada.
Thank you to the team of Dr. Anne Koch, Grace Lee, Nora Emad, Dr. Tom Purdie, and Dr. Anthony Fyles, for teaching me more about this innovative initiative that is happening right inside The Princess Margaret. This is why we love the team at The Princess Margaret: they are always working harder to make sure the patient has the best experience possible in a difficult time.

We'll be seeing the team soon on September 6th as they are participating in the Weekend to End Women's Cancers. Thank you!