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Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is embarking on a remarkable transformation to improve the experience of patients, empowering them from the moment they step through our doors. This multi-phase project will create a welcoming and supportive environment in order to foster feelings of comfort, hope, and confidence for patients and their loved ones. We are building cancer care capacity for the future, putting patients' needs first.

In 1995, when The Princess Margaret moved to University Avenue, our building was designed to accommodate 7,000 new patients a year.

More than twenty years later, the Cancer Centre now cares for over 17,700 new patients annually. The Princess Margaret has evolved into a global leader in cancer care, and one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world.

We want our facilities to match the world-class cancer care offered by our dedicated staff. 

Currently the entrances are dark and uninviting, and pose accessibility challenges for our patients. Navigating the narrow corridors of the main floor can be problematic and confusing. For patients with multiple appointments in one day, there is often nowhere to sit comfortably while they wait because of overcrowding.
Being screened, diagnosed and treated for cancer is stressful enough. Our patients need and deserve a healing environment that is designed to put their needs first.
The pressure on our facilities will only intensify as cancer cases continue to rise. Today, two in five Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Over the next 15 years, the number of newly diagnosed Canadians is expected to increase by 40%. The Princess Margaret is committed to meeting that growing need, while delivering on our promise of providing Personalized Cancer Medicine, tailored to individual patient needs. To offer this new gold standard in cancer care, the right patient environment is crucial. 

Our Transformation Campaign will dramatically improve the patient experience by providing a comfortable environment every step of the way for every patient.


About the Cancer Centre
An Atmosphere of Care and Excellence

The Transformation Project prioritizes the patient experience, emphasizing that patients are at the centre of their individual treatment plans and partners in their own care.

First Impressions: Improvements start prior to entering the building with significant visual and accessible upgrades at both the University Avenue and Murray Street entrances to create a warmer, more welcoming approach.

Intuitive Wayfinding: The narrow corridor between the Murray Street and University Avenue entrances will be opened up to alleviate congestion and confusion. Key patient services including the Outpatient Pharmacy, Blood Collection Centre, and Patient Education will be along this main corridor and will be expanded to accommodate growth.

Therapeutic Design: Careful selection of materials, lighting, and art will significantly improve the atmosphere and the patient experience. Natural materials, warm lighting, and thoughtfully arranged lounge seating will create calm, comfortable spaces where patients and family members can relax between appointments.


The Outpatient Pharmacy and Blood Collection Centre are part of nearly every patient’s experience. Expansion and re-organization of these key areas will accommodate current and future patient growth. 

The Outpatient Pharmacy team has worked with the architects to completely re-imagine the prescription filling process to ensure the highest standards of accuracy while increasing capacity and efficiency. The new space will accommodate two automated prescription refill machines, an expanded staff of pharmacists, a private consult room, and nine patient stations, four of which will be accessible.

The new Blood Collection Centre will include three accessible collection stations, an expanded reception and waiting area, and key functional upgrades. The curved shape of the space adds visual interest while allowing for optimal circulation of patients and staff.


The Patient Education team at Princess Margaret has nearly 900 unique pamphlets and an even greater number of digital resources and articles to help guide patients through every stage of their treatment. The new space will allow for improved access to this information including open and accessible displays of pamphlets and books, an expanded multilingual collection, digital kiosks, a private consult room, and access to resources in a beautiful, library-like space.

Lounges are located throughout the main floor to allow patients and families to find a comfortable place to wait and engage in quiet conversation. Designed to ensure comfort, the lounges are near major patient spaces but separated from the main path of travel to create a calmer, more relaxing environment. Seating will be provided with access to electronic device charging and enhanced Wi-Fi access.


An informal Digital Education Theatre, located in the new Foundation space, will inform visitors of upcoming events and news at the Cancer Centre via videos for Patient Education and The Foundation.


Princess Margaret’s first-ever Outpatient Palliative Care Clinic will have dedicated space on the 5th floor. This clinic will give its multidisciplinary team more space and resources to meet the unique needs of palliative care patients and their families.

The new Gynecologic Oncology Clinic will move to the 5th floor, consolidating three spaces into one convenient location. The clinic is a leader in managing cancers of the female reproductive system, and it also serves as a training centre for gynecologic oncologists.

About the Centre's Research Institutes
While the importance of a highly functional transformation cannot be undervalued, the enhanced facility will go beyond simply satisfying the technical and clinical needs of Princess Margaret patients and staff. The space is designed to be durable, flexible and adaptable, fostering a sense of community and reinforcing the message that no one is alone during this difficult and life-changing journey.

In addition to the enhanced Patient Education and Foundation spaces, a new Magic Castle area will provide an uplifting and lively play area flooded with natural light for patients’ children.

These projects are not possible without the generous philanthropic support of the community. Donor recognition elements will be located throughout the Centre. This will reinforce the message that a large community is supporting patients and their treatment, as well as the important clinical and scientific research that goes on at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

“This project will facilitate clinical research, helping to ensure that our world-class team can meet the individual needs of every patient.”
— Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, Medical Director, Princess Margaret Cancer Program 

“This will transform the way we treat patients at the Princess Margaret and contribute to the development of cancer care around the globe.”
— Marnie Escaf, Senior Vice President, Executive Lead, Princess Margaret Cancer Program

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
Transformation Chairs
Tom Ehrlich
Tanurb Developments Inc.
David R. Shaw

Knightsbridge Human Capital

We are honoured to serve as Co-Chairs of the Transformation Campaign. Our $50-million goal will meet an urgent need, strengthening The Princess Margaret’s commitment to putting patients first. The support of our community will help make this possible. Together, we will build for the future and take cancer care and research to new heights. We look forward to sharing our progress with you.

Steering Committee
Rudy Dahdal, Dr. Mary GospodarowiczDr. David JaffrayDr. Amit Oza, Michael Sheeres, Tom Ehrlich, Marnie Escaf, Stephen Goldhar, Andrew Hoffman.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
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For further information or to learn how you can make a gift to our Transformation Campaign, please contact:

416-946-6560 ext 2452