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The Future of Charitable Giving in Canada

This digital age has changed the way people give to charities. Growing up as a child, my parents always gave money to their church and to international causes supporting underprivileged children. As an adult, I support causes where I can measure results, most recently donating through crowd funding to my friend battling breast cancer. Millennials are driven by similar goals. They want to see...

Posted by: Ivy Cuervo     Charitable, Club, Economic, Giving Economic Club of Canada

Paul Alofs on Immune Therapy at BNN

The world is talking about immune therapy and today Paul Alofs, President and CEO of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, dropped by BNN to chat about biotech’s next big thing, namely immunotherapy drug development.

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Joan Hosang’s legacy gift: Honouring her sister while supporting research

After Joan's sister Pamela passed away of ovarian cancer, Joan decided to honour Pamela's memory by leaving a gift in her Will to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Joan was at her sister's side while she was in The Princess Margaret, and she and her family appreciate the compassionate care Pamela received. 

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Q & A with Dr. Gelareh Zadeh

Dr. Zadeh, a Surgeon Scientist at The Princess Margaret and University Health Network, is among those helping lead the way toward Personalized Cancer Medicine.

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Life after Mom's ovarian cancer diagnosis: The Pettersen Girls' guide to sticking together

Seven years ago Lee Pettersen lost her husband - CFL legend Leif Pettersen - suddenly and tragically to a heart attack. Just seven short months later, while still mourning the loss with their daughters (Kate and Ali), Lee would find out from a routine check-up that she had Stage IV ovarian cancer. 

This is their story.

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Ask the Cancer Expert: It’s Personal

We’re excited to announce The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is launching a new video series that connects everyday people to some of the world’s top cancer experts.

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New Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Research exposes palliative care stigma, calls for change

New research from Princess Margaret Cancer Centre reveals an ingrained stigma attached to the label “palliative care” among cancer patients, families and healthcare providers. The study, published today in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), also concludes that this stigma impedes earlier access to supportive care that improves quality of life.

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