Karina Wong

Manager, Direct Marketing

Karina Wong works in the Direct Response team at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. One of her roles is to share inspirational patient stories, donor news, and research breakthroughs from the frontlines through direct mail. She really enjoys interacting with donors and patients on a personal level and hearing their stories. She’s amazed by the talents and kindness she sees in her colleagues and staff at The Princess Margaret. She says, “It is definitely amazing to be part of The Princess Margaret team to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime!”

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Our Fellows are Key: The Proof is Progress

Cancer stem cells are widely regarded as one of the most promising areas of cancer research today. Unlocking their secrets is key to providing personalized, life-saving...

Dr. Catherine O'Brien
You Have to Believe It to Achieve It

It's a time of incredible excitement here at The Princess Margaret. Research is advancing more quickly than ever before. We've made incredible breakthroughs...and...

conquer cancer
Q & A with Dr. Gelareh Zadeh

Dr. Zadeh, a Surgeon Scientist at The Princess Margaret and University Health Network, is among those helping lead the way toward Personalized Cancer Medicine...

Q & A with Dr. Gelareh Zadeh
Messages of Encouragement

Messages of encouragement are submitted by donors to friends and families who are touched by cancer. We hope you’ll be encouraged today!

Messages of Encouragement
Immune Therapy Showing Promising Results

John Randall was on his way to his family doctor for a routine appointment when his wife casually suggested he get the mole on his back checked out. He was 48 years old at...

John Randall